LOL, Janto

I'm now on Archiveofourown!

Hi guys!

I was recently reading through some of the stories on Archiveofourown, and decided to get my own account, so I could post and keep track of fanfics much easier. Yay!

I've already posted some stories up there (in fandoms X'Men: First Class'; 'Sherlock'; and 'Glee'), so check it out sometime. :D

P.S.: It's the same username as Livejournal's.
LOL, Janto

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Today I accidentally deleted all my messages in my Inbox.

Damn that button. Why does the 'delete all' button have to be so close to the 'delete' button?

LOL, Janto

The gLee Project - Episode 1 review

Warning: May get snippy at sections. And spoilers, for those that haven't seen this episode yet.

OK, I meant to do this a lot sooner, since the first episode only came out last Friday.

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While looking for the correct spelling for the Top 12 (since some of them are so unique), I stumbled across an article showing that the next 4 episodes have already aired out. Which would make this review quite useless. :(